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Herringbone Parlour
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Why do you like Kurtsan Milking Parlour?

User of Kurtsan Milking Parlour always stay as happy. Maybe, the reason is that it makes your life easier. Maybe it is operating correctly. Maybe knowing that you will always find the required spare parts with best price. These are some of reasons to use Kurtsan Milking Parlour. Actually there are many reasons...


On one hand Kurtsan Milking Parlours, on the other hand the others.

Kurtsan has produced milking machines since 1985 and started to install milking parlours since 2001. Until 2013, we made successfully 370 milking parlours. The proof that we produce systems which can stand alone are milking parlours we installed over 15 different countries. Professional milking? We installed 75 different parlours which have automation system. 


Everything for perfect milking 

Kurtsan produce 95% of the products in own factory. All of the products have the certificates of ISO9001EN, CE, TSE, TSEK.


Solution that you are looking for

If you are looking for a perfect solution to milk your animals. We can design the suitable system for you. According to your budget, we can design the vacuum system, milking equipments, washing systems and cooling. 

Give attention to your cow

Do not forget! Happy cows gives more milk. With the correct vacuum and equipments, they will always be comfortable. You will easily see the increase in milk production.


Close Circuit System 

With Kurtsan Milking Systems, you can trust your milk. The milk you milked never contact with the external factors and directly goes to the tank. All the pipes are stainless steel.


Automatic Washing Machine

With correct washing operation, you can increase the quality of your milk. With the different washing programs, you minimize the level of the bacteria.

Competible with full automation

Everytype of Kurtsan Milking Parlours are compatible with the Kurtsan Herd Management System. The conditions at your farm is a key factor to decide the milking parlour type you will use. However, automation is not about the way you milk, it is about the way you control everything.

Robust Construction 

The reason why the herringbone milking parlour has a robust construction is qualified and hot dip galvanized base materials. The ideas, future projects and today's conditions decide your future milking parlour. 

Why Kurtsan Herringbone Milking Parlour? 

·         Designed for the heavy and strong animals.

·         Milk lines are inner polished twice

·         Vacuum Pump

·         Regulator for the required vacuum level

·         Enter and exit gates which are easy to move

·         Perfect angle and enough personal space

·         Precautions for injuries

·         Competible with Kurtsan Herd Management System

Customers' Opinions

Hagl Farm - Vietnam

First Kurtsan Mega Farm in Vietnam

With the computerized system, it is easy to determine which cow can be inseminated or which cow to milk..


Expert Assistance
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